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ID SWISS BOTANICALS   DESCRIPTION   Start your new skin adventure. The... mehr





Start your new skin adventure. The radiant moisturizer will gently bring you into perfect balance.
The first drop provides essential moisture, the second drop for natural shine and the last drop for energy.


Benefits for the skin:

Helps to hydrate and soothe your dry skin.
Brings out a healthier skin tone.
Leaves skin soft without being greasy

Recommended for:

All skin types (normal, oily, combination and dry skin) and especially popular with sensitive skin.
Uneven skin or dark spots.
Dry and dull skin

What Makes Our Radiant Moisturizer Special:

With cockatoo plum extract, stabilized vitamin C and CBD, this cream is a unique cocktail of antioxidants


Useful information:

Light textured cream, easy to apply and perfect as a make-up primer





Apply to cleansed skin every morning and evening




CBD beauty complex

Swiss CBD and organic hemp seed oil are encapsulated in our complex, which leads to optimal diffusion of the active ingredients into the skin. 

Promotes a pleasant feeling on the skin and helps to even out the skin tone.



Cockatoo plum

Super fruit with unsurpassed vitamin C content and rich in antioxidants. Reduces signs of tiredness and strengthens the skin's radiance.



Stabilized vitamin C.

Known for smoothing and brightening effects on the skin.

Listed in the list of ingredients as Ascorbyl Glucoside.



Vitamin E.

Known for its antioxidant effects. 

Appears in the ingredient list as Tocoperol.


Standort des Händlers: Schweiz
Babylon Sciences is a leading Swiss provider of fast-moving consumer goods focused on innovative... mehr

Babylon Sciences SA

Babylon Sciences is a leading Swiss provider of fast-moving consumer goods focused on innovative science-based CBD products. Babylon Sciences has developed 3 premium brands using the CBD biotechnology: 

ID Swiss Botanicals is range of effective CBD skincare products for all skin types, even the most sensitive, using only natural ingredients. Along with dermatologists and expert skincare laboratories, we've developed "Swiss made" formulas by privileging natural, effective active ingredients and by valorizing raw materials from the plants, the marine and the microbial worlds.

Avengarde products such as oils are handcrafted with the greatest care in our own factory located on the shores of the Lake Geneva in Switzerland.

Natural Shelter is brand dedicated to animal well-being offering sublingual CBD oils developed in collaboration with veterinary professionals and animal owners. 

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